eBaba Entertainment

eBaba app is "Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) platforms".

You can now stream your favorite shows and channels on demand with the eBaba App.

App Features

Just connect to an internet network and cast your mobile device onto your TV with Chromecast.

Live Stream

eBaba app is providing most trending live channels free. Just choose your choice of language and enjoy more then 300+ channels of your choice.


Why just listen to the selected 5,6 radios which your mobile phone found? Use the eBaba app and just tune in to 100+ radios available. A very good collection of radio channels which you have never listened to before.

Multi Language Support

Application provides 20+ languages support. so you just need to select your regional language and then you can watch channels in a particular language. You can select multiple languages.

Free Stream

Almost every content is available to stream for free, just enjoy it. You can also make a list of your favorites channels only.


This app provides many categories(news, sports, Action etc..) to filter the application content, so just select the category of your mood and get it on screen instantly.

Free For All

Most interesting thing is almost everything is free available on the app. Make your own list of favorite channels.

How It Works

Do you want to take advantage of these awesome features? Just use the eBaba app.

More than 20 languages support and very easy to change to your choice of language. Tap on the red heart to mark your favourites to return quickly later. Get all recently watched items at one place.

1. Download

Download the app

2. Select Language

Select language which you want

3. Start watching

All set and lets watch

Get all of your favorite channels at your language in one place.

Ebaba is now available to download from all platforms.